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"You only have a few precious minutes to make a lasting and powerful impression, let me give your business that Audible voice."

As an owner of an audio video company, wouldn't it be great to have someone who knew the A/V market in your corner pushing you to gain a social media foothold in your market? Wouldn't it be great to have someone teach your sales staff how to sell smarter, learn how to cold call and upgrade your customer service stance? Are you maximizing your dealer/vendor relationship and partnering with the right people to gain the advantage in your city? Audible Advice was created by Amber Dinh as a company specifically for the retail and commercial audio/visual industry professionals.

Audible Advice is set on gaining profits for companies and getting clients referral revenue on the rise. Audible Advice offers a large list of can-do's for the clients that choose to work with her.

"I have the knowledge and passion to offer companies during this recessional period a fresh and aggressive re-start to your business with the creation and implementation of Audible Advice."

Some services offered are:

  •   Brand review
  •   Retail redesigns
  •   Telesales/cold call training
  •   Retail sales force training
  •   Upgrade to your customer service dept.
  •   Social Media marketing campaigns
  •   Maximization of Dealer/vendor relationships, co-op dollars and MDF's
  •   Very Important Client campaigns
  •   Help with mailer/TV/radio and marketing campaigns
  •   Coaching for owners and staff

Contact Audible Advice at 360-471-8506 to learn more.

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